A devastating property loss
                        requires professional help.



Where to begin ...

You may be in a state of shock, in denial, or simply–overwhelmed.

Where do I go? What do I need to do first? Having a fire or devastating property loss can be challenging and traumatic. The road that lies ahead of you is uncertain and the terrain unfamiliar. Once the initial shock has passed, you will need to take the first steps toward seeking compensation from your insurance company. The insurance claim process can be confusing, tedious and just plain time-consuming. The job of documenting and negotiating your insurance claim, interviewing contractors and meeting with insurance company representatives is a heavy burden for most people – especially in the aftermath of an emotional trauma.

Using the ACTION ITEM CHECKLIST as your guide, your first step is to gather information and organize the tasks at hand. Next, you should call Consolidated Adjusting, Inc. for a free consultation. If you have never suffered a large property loss before, you may be unaware of how a public adjuster can help. A professional adjuster like Bill Hedden at CONSOLIDATED ADJUSTING, INC. is uniquely qualified to lead you through the complex process of presenting and resolving your insurance claim and will protect all the rights accorded you by your insurance policy.

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