A devastating property loss
                        requires professional help.



What a public adjuster can do for me?

After a large property loss to your home or business, proving your loss and economic damages is your responsibility. What you need to do after a loss is not common knowledge – most policyholders do not experience a large property loss in their lifetime. Your insurance company can assist you in the claim process. However, it is often advisable to have your own professional advocate.

An experienced licensed public adjuster can be instrumental in protecting all the policyholder’s rights of recovery, as well as documenting the loss in its entirety. Every property insurance claim is unique and each insurance company has its own internal policies and procedures for adjusting a claim. Skilled public adjusters, who know and have worked with insurance company personnel can navigate, direct and streamline the process and act only in your best interest. Public adjusters use their established professional relationships to act as your advocate. A seasoned professional should not just level the playing field, but should create an advantage for the insured – achieving a more favorable outcome.

Public adjusting is a specialized profession. Before hiring a public adjusting company, it is crucial to know the person with whom you will be working. Individual skills, professional experience and personal commitment are critical in getting optimal results.

If this is your first time dealing with a large property insurance claim and your are considering a licensed Public Adjuster, you should know the right questions to ask before hiring that company or individual. Hiring a public adjuster is hopefully a once in a lifetime experience, so it is crucial to choose wisely.

For more information on how to choose a Public Adjuster, visit www.uphelp.org/sponsors/hiringhelp

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